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Appropriate Restaurants

Le 31 décembre 2013, 15:57 dans Humeurs 0

what to go forJapanese oakley sunglasses cheap

So, what would be good for a first date? Japanese (Teriyaki) or Thai not only offers tasty meals, but also allows for great conversation potential as your food is cooked and grilled in front of you.

All American

Many people opt for the general restaurant that serves burgers, fajitas, pasta, and salads. While this is actually quite the safe approach, the downside is that you are limiting yourself to fairly bland food, and a loud setting where it will be difficult to hear what she is saying rather key on early dates. As you can discount oakley sunglasses imagine, 9 times out of 10, the restaurant itself is not even important. What is the nature of the meeting? Who invited who? Is this a first meeting? These are the real issues at hand.

Your order

Chances are that the person who invites is more familiar with the menu. In any case, ask them what they recommend. This gives you an idea of their price range, if any exists. Moreover, it gives you an idea of what kind of meeting it will be. If he or she orders a quick meal or salad, chances are that it will be a swift meeting. You can also determine how intense the meeting will be by the level of difficulty of the meal.

Should you drink?

People often ask me whether or not it is proper to consume alcohol during business meetings. Again, if you are the new guy and the boss is taking you out, you do not have to be a human resource consultant to know that it is perhaps more prudent to avoid drinking.

Regardless, as a general rule, you should go with the nature of the meeting. If someone invites you and they order wine, it is okay to have a glass, but leave the flask at home; you will have more than enough opportunities to mix business with pleasure at a later point. For one, drinks are usually pouring freely.

This is also a good time to venture to the more cheap oakley sunglasses general restaurants, as the menu is diverse, the prices reasonable, and the loud setting perfect for you to drown out the family.

As you can see, there are many factors that will render your outing a success or failure. You may have the luxury to blame the chef for the bad food or the waiter for the lack of service, but you will only have yourself to blame if you choose a loud deli for a first date, or a pub for the time your boss wants to offer you a promotion. You don't want to learn this the hard way.

Answers on History

Le 26 décembre 2013, 14:43 dans Humeurs 0

Christopher Columbus (explorer): Why is Christopher Columbus taught in schools with such rigor as a noble, respectable figure, despite his overwhelming record of ruthless human atrocity and blatant disregard of human rights?

He in good company.

One of the problems with historical figures is that we don look at them and their goals and what they achieved. Instead we look at their impact, stuff they never intended , and form a story around the whole package.

Alexander the Great was a blood thirsty conqueror who went off and killed every one he could. Julius Caesar was a socialist who committed genocide. And it goes on.

The spread of greek culture and the stability of roman law are things that they never intended but with the hindsight that we have we link these benefits inextricably with the men as if they had intended this all along.

So we have a fairy tale of what Christopher Columbus achieved that in no way corresponds to the man. This is true for almost everyone in history apart from Teddy Roosevelt (though he was a racist)

Then you have the question of what to teach in schools. School history is extensively bowdlerised (Thomas Bowdler) to remove all the bad stuff. I mean really, who wants little Johnny to come how raving about Roman Orgies, Greek Pederasty and Aztec sex slaves. So all this stuff is removed and well Christopher Columbus is all of a sudden pretty cool especially when Mummy and Daddy were taught the same bowdlerised history.

Then you have the general resistance of teachers and the church to change. (and old people). Everyone knows who Colombus is I had to look up Bartolom de las Casas and I know more than most (but not most Quorans).

Above all I think is that. (more)Loading.

Work: When did leisure come to be associated with idleness?

In the 16th Century during the Protestant Reformation

After the reformation. Martin Luther reconceptualized the protestant idea of Sola fide in to one where hard work and frugality was associated with being one of the elect and thus destined for discount oakley sunglasses heaven. Max Weber called this the Protestant work ethic

As a consequence not working was seen to be irreligious and idleness included all sorts of dance, music and other frivolity. many of these were banned in England in the 1640 and 50 during The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. Christmas for example was banned in cheap oakley sunglasses 1647.

History of Russia: Why were the Mongols defeated at the Battle of Kulikovo?

Because the terrain was constrained.

This is an automatically oakley sunglasses cheap translated russian report of the battle.

In summary the battle was fought on a narrow front and the Mongols were unable to do flanking maneuvers. The two sides fought with the Mongols slowly destroying the Russian troops and at last breaking through.

However a Russian regiment had gone through the forest and flanked them causing the Mongols to break.

I bolded the key points and you can go back to the original source too.

In the foggy morning of 8 (21) on Saturday, September Christmas Day Holy Virgin Russian troops began to unfold in the order of battle facing south. According to "The Legend of Mamay" far ahead were brought troops guard regiment. The first line was damaged Russian Advanced Regiment. Behind him stood the main line of troops with Dmitry large shelves in the center and wings (shelves right and left hands). Behind the large regiment, probably housed the private reserve. Anticipating the course of the battle, Russian governors have left aside from the common line regiments strong general reserve Ambush Regiment. According to the latest scientific data Russian regiments lined up behind him with Don and Nepryadva, between the beam and the top of the Fish River Smolka, occupying the front is not more than a mile. The slopes of the beam, rivers and otvershki were thickly Zalesov. Thus, in order for the Mamaia remained narrow watershed steppe corridor, which did not give an opportunity to tu. (more)Loading.

The OP Joel V Benjamin, I think, asked why there were so many joke answers to the question.

This isn a joke answer though it is short and pithy.

If this conversation happened it would be of huge significance to millions of people. Me reporting verbally on what happened would be ignored as made up fantasies.

A recording, if verified, would quickly have the same status as many books in the bible, popularly if not theologically.

Adding the Book of Denis Oakley As the fifth gospel is not high on my priorities but I think it would be a powerful contribution to debates on the life of Jesus and its impact.

Are there any primary sources from Early Modern European history that detail why painters were encouraged to attend public executions?

There was an article in the Economist last week about artists in London. A book review.

One if the things it covered was Hogarth (I think) covering the execution of an Irish washer girl who had murdered her employer allegedly. She claimed she was the look out and had nothing to do with the murder. So I guess that that book would have some good sources in it. But I can remember the details and I writing this on my iPad.

I guess that the major reason was money. Newspapers needed pictures. To get a picture you needed a wood print and to get the wood print you need an artist.

Anger over school's

Le 21 décembre 2013, 02:51 dans Humeurs 0

Pete Sopowski, secretary of the Southampton branch of the NUT and a former Arnewood teacher, said: "Schools know that parents will always do the best for their children.

"If these computers are over priced and not the best buy, this is in my view a sort of discount oakley sunglasses moral blackmail."

She said the school should be funding the cheap oakley sunglasses equipment itself and added: "There are going to be haves and have nots. Some families won't be able to afford it."

"The scheme aims to introduce children to computers at an early age and allow them to use them at home but they must be affordable to all families," he said.

Head teacher Chris Hummerstone said it was a non profit making scheme that would not benefit the school financially.

He stressed that the laptop initiative was not compulsory and denied that parents were being forced to buy them.

Opportunity Mr Hummerstone added: "The educational rationale is to encourage children to take the fullest opportunity to use the potential new technology to assist with their learning.

"This scheme is intended as a family resource, with access to information communication technology at any time whether at home, school or on study visits.

"As a specialist college we are always looking for educational opportunities in a variety of media that can improve the learning environment."

Mr Hummerstone said parents were being asked to buy the laptops because their children would be able to take them home each evening.

He added: "Although we are leading the way in this respect locally we have already given advice to other schools keen to offer a laptop scheme to their pupils."

Children whose parents are unwilling or unable to take part in the scheme will still be able to use school laptops. "No pupils will be disadvantaged," said Mr Hummerstone.

But other Hampshire schools, including Priestlands in neighbouring Lymington, say they have no plans to introduce a similar scheme.

Matthew Longden, who runs Applemore College of Technology, near Hythe, said: "We've got a huge number of computers and the vast majority of students have their own computers at home.

"Before I became head teacher there was a scheme under which parents could lease laptops for their children but only a few did."

Susan Trigger, head of Bitterne Park School, Southampton, said: "About 50 per cent of students have their own laptops at home.

"If necessary we would increase the number of computers at school and improve access to laptops through after school clubs."

Ceri Oakley, oakley sunglasses cheap deputy head teacher of Wildern School, Hedge End, said the site already had as many computers as it could handle.

She added: "Our students have access to 12 suites of laptops as well as laptops in lessons. Our view is that we're already well catered for."

Hampshire County Council said it was a matter for individual head teachers.

700 for a laptop? Ridiculous,you can get a perfectly adequate laptop for at least half that price. I know,I have one,with a 2 gigabyte memory,which should be adequate for anything Children need. I believe even cheaper ones than mine are available,although somewhat limited.

700 for a laptop? Ridiculous,you can get a perfectly adequate laptop for at least half that price. I know,I have one,with a 2 gigabyte memory,which should be adequate for anything Children need. I believe even cheaper ones than mine are available,although somewhat limited."Parents of pupils at Arnewood School, New Milton, claim they are being pressured into buying the Toshiba laptops over a three year period."

If I read this correctly they are being asked to pay over 3 years, which equals around 19.50 per month.

You can see their point of view, that;s around 80 Super Kings per month!

"Parents of pupils at Arnewood School, New Milton, claim they are being pressured into buying the Toshiba laptops over a three year period."

If I read this correctly they are being asked to pay over 3 years, which equals around 19.50 per month.

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